Air pollution is the single greatest environmental risk to human health and one of the main avoidable causes of death and disease globally, with some estimated 6.5 million premature deaths across the world attributed to indoor and outdoor air pollution and the number of premature deaths is estimated to be on track to increase by more than 50 per cent by 2050. Particularly in developing countries air pollution disproportionately affects women, children and the elderly, especially in low-income populations as they are often exposed to high levels of ambient air pollution and indoor air pollution from cooking and heating with wood fuel and kerosene. Air pollution cause impacts not only to society, but it is also owing the negative impacts on the economy, work productivity, health care costs and tourism,..etc.


Acknowledging that air pollution affects several aspects of society and that addressing air

pollution results in multiple benefits to human health, the economy, ecosystems and climate, the government of Lao PDR reaffirms the call in United Nations Environment Assembly and committed to:


  • Establish relevant systems to monitor air pollution, in order to be well informed of the state of air quality and sources of pollution in affected areas and to support improved air quality management;
  • To develop national policies and measures to prevent and reduce air pollution from their significant source;
  • To create awareness at the national levels, local, sub-national and within the private sector of the negative environmental, health and socioeconomic impacts of pollution;
  • To strengthen capacities to develop national and subnational emissions inventories as an input to prioritize sectors and activities to further promote emissions reduction measures
  • Promoting increased cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme and relevant international organizations in order to strengthen the actions of organizations on air quality;

 “Let’s work together to reduce global air pollutant emission, for our cleaner air and blue skies”